Until now I didn't had the time to write another blog post here. I thought there will be a lot of time between the charging sessions to do all the necessary stuff...no, the charging is so fast that I always charge more than enough. Today I charged more often, because there were so many quick chargers on the way, but not so long. Only one charge took 41 minutes, all others took less than 25 minutes.

On the route tomorrow there are not so many quick chargers, I have to start at the morning at 22kW in Härnösand. Following then 3x 11kW chargers, these are not so far from each other, but I don't want to stay so long at one place (they don't sound interesting). There are only 3 quick charges on the route (Umea, Pitea, Lulea), some 22kW and the 3 11kW.

Since I'm in a Hotel that night, I hopefully can start early tomorrow morning!