Due to the small error on the last day, I started a little bit later. I was just in time to arrive for breakfast. At 10.30 I left the Hotel and aimed for the next charging station in Parchim.

This charging stations was free and I could activate the charger without any problems. After a talk with a resident, the flew by and the charge was finished.

The next planned charging station was at the Autobahn in Gudow north. Well, this was planned, according to Goingelectric I probably can't charge there. And they were right. The charging station was set up about 5 months before, but was still not able to be used. So I had to take a small detour and go back on the Autobahn to Berlin (opposite direction) and charge at the service station in Schaalsee south. This charge was working fine and charged my car up, so that I can get Lübeck.

In Lübeck there was a Tesla Model S charging at the CHAdeMO. That's no problem at all at this charger, it has 4 outlets and can operate them simultaneously.

After charging in Lübeck I drove to the island of Fehmarn where there is a charger from CLEVER. When I arrived at the charger, there were two cars charging. I had luck, they were already nearly finished and on their way. This was actually a family from Germany, they drove with their electric cars a Renault Zoe and a Kia Soul to Sweden for vacation.

After I charged enough I drove to the ferry to Denmark.

How could it be different, I came to stop right behind a Tesla Model S from Denmark.

After the short night, I was already searching for a place to sleep. I was already last year at a campsite which had blue CEE sockets, so I went there to see if they've got free spaces.

And how could it be else? I got a place at the older side of the campsite where they only have a weird danish plug. I didn't bring an adapter for this kind of plug with me, so I was not able to charge. Instead I just plugged in my cooling box and my other stuff.

So I put up my tent and spent a nice evening there.